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Performance at the opening ceremony of the 9th Asian Leadership Conference

Date : 2018-06-04 Hit : 231

Heart to Heart Orchestra

Performance at the opening ceremony 
of the 9th Asian Leadership Conference





Heart-to-Heart Orchestra was invited to and performed at the opening ceremony of the 9th Asia Leadership Conference.



Asian Leadership Conference is an event in which people have discussion to solve the issues appeared in the world annually and seek the direction for world economic development and fundamental happiness of human.



This year’s conference was successfully held by the participation of over 300 people from various countries including the former US vice president, other world political leaders, former and incumbent governmental officers, entrepreneurs and journalists!





Heart-to-Heart Orchestra was invited to, performed at the Asian Leadership Conference three works including Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and drew much response and applause from the world leaders who visited the conference!

We expect your constant attention and encouragement in order for Heart-to-Heart Orchestra to keep providing meaningful and positive activities to the society along with the 9th Asian Leadership Conference!


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