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Heart to Heart Orchestra members performance photo

Heart to Heart Orchestra is an orchestra consisted of adolescents with developmental disability where they are growing to be professional music performer through systematic musical education.
The members are strengthening career-related capabilities through various musical performances while spreading positive image of the disabled with high-quality music.

단원 소개

  • 송우련

    Woo Ryeon, Song

  • 송우섭

    Woo Seop, Song

  • 이동현

    Dong Hyeon, Lee

  • 임현수

    Hyeon Su, Im

  • 서민교

    Min Gyo, Seo

  • 정희성

    Hee Sung, Jeong

  • 한주현

    Joo Hyeon, Han

  • 고명진

    Myeong Jin, Go

  • 백승희

    Seung Hee, Baek

  • 윤성준

    Seong Jun, Yoon

  • 김다빈

    Davin, Kim

  • 조경익

    Kyeong Ik, Cho

  • 홍정한

    Jeong Han, Hong

  • 김동균

    Dong Gyun, Kim

  • 이영수

    Young Su, Lee

  • 김민석

    Min Seok, Kim

  • 오희망

    Hee Mang, Oh

  • 양승규

    Seung Kyu, Yang

  • 이재혁

    Jae Hyeok, Lee

  • 홍준혁

    Jun Hyeok, Hong

  • 이한결

    Han Gyeol, Lee

  • 임제균

    Je Gyun, Im

  • 임주환

    Joo Hwan, Im

  • 정광영

    Gwang Young, Jeong

  • 유용연

    Yong Yeon, Yu

  • 이기훈

    Gi Hun, Lee