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Heart-to-Heart Orchestra, winning grand prize at 2018 Korea Sound of Hope!

Date : 2018-12-07 Hit : 1,206

Heart-to-Heart Orchestra,
inning grand prize at 2018 Korea Sound of Hope!!






Heart-to-Heart Orchestra received grand prize at ‘2018 Sound of Hope’, being recognized for the social contribution to the raising positive impression towards the disability through their performance
in and out of Korea.

The corporation Sound of Hope grants Sound of Hope grand prize since 2016 for the purpose of building healthy local society by searching for individuals and groups who promote social harmony and development and achieve public accomplishment thereof by participating in arts and voluntary work for humanity and culture of aesthetic sentiments.

We deeply appreciate the corporation Sound of Hope for your encouragement and cheering to the meaningful activities of Heart-to-Heart Orchestra of members having developmental disabilities. 

Heart-to-Heart Orchestra will continue our best to make the world a place where the disabled and normal people can live together through positive awareness improvement towards the disabled.

Thank you.

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