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Heart to Heart Orchestra


Our organization aims to support developmentally disabled people who use music to communicate with the world and to make a society where disabled and non-disabled people live harmoniously.


A representative organization that leads the cultural and artistic development of the disabled through practicing independence and social contribution.


  • Stable
  • Impressive
  • Active social
  • Activate sharing


    • Get certified as a culture and arts organization.
    • Secure a profit structure and good quality resources
    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Improve playing skills
    • diversify repertoire and performance - activate advisory committee
    • Develop a stable place for activities
    • Plan collaborations
    • Expand offline and online contents
    • Advancements in brand promotion
    • Expansion of sponsored concerts and sharing campaigns
    • spread the sharing virtuous cycle model

About the Orchestra / Introducing the Orchestra

“Communicate with the world through music”

The Heart to HeartOrchestra was founded by the Heart to Heartfoundation in 2006. The first group of
developmentally disabled people in the world to perform in global concert halls such as Carnegie Hall, John F.
Kennedy Center, and Seoul Arts Center, the group continues to improve awareness for the disabled through
thousands of domestic and overseas performances.
In particular, the Heart to HeartOrchestra's constant challenges and growth have been recognized by experts of
various fields around the world as a success story of culture and arts for the disabled, creating various impacts on
our society as well as the developmentally disabled people, their families, and communities.