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Seoul Arts Center, ‘2019 New Year Concert’ with Harmony and Peace

Date : 2020-01-18 Hit : 1,269

- 1. 9. Music Concert held celebrating Independence movement at Seoul Arts Center
- Part 1: Cooperative performance with Heart-to-Heart Orchestra of the members having disorders by the conducting of Jakyung Yeo
- Part 2: Harmony, Songs of Peace and Grand Chorus for Concord 






Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will hold ‘2019 New Year Concert’ at the Concert Hall of Seoul Arts Center from Jan. 9th(Wed.) 8pm celebrating the new year(called Gihae year in Korea).

In the concert this year, familiar stages to the public are to set, presenting classical music, children's songs and Korean Art Song beloved by all of Koreans. Particularly as this year is the hundredth anniversary of the March First Independence Movement and the founding of Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, the concert program is planned to call up the historical meaning and have the aspiration for peace

With the conductor Jakyong Yeo who is doing plenty of activities in and out of Korea and KBS Philharmonic Orchestra, there will be co-performance with the top violinist Dongseok Kang in Korea, solo singing performance of a boy singer Yeonjun Oh who became famous for his appearance at the celebration concert for Inter-Korea Summit Talks and youth group chorus. Among about two thousands of audience, there will be culture and art associates, artists and sports people with disabilities, multicultural families, single parent families, workers from small and medium size companies including the public.

The first part begins with Arirang Fantasy by KBS Philharmonic with the conducting of Jakyung Yeo who presents outstanding song analysis and passionate direction. ‘Arirang Fantasy’ is a symphony composed by the North Korean composer Seonghwan Choi with the subject of the folk song Arirang. It is followed by Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto in D major. 1St performed by the world famous violinist Dongseok Kang with his passionate skill.

On the last stage of the part one the children's song ‘Spring in My Hometown’ and ‘Half Moon’ are sung by the boy singer Yeongjun Oh who is called a ‘messenger of peace’ and acclaimed for his singing at the Inter-Korea Summit Talks and 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. This time, Heart-to-Heart Orchestra performs with the youth chorus group Wagle Wagle, the Boys and Girls Chorus from Catholic Peace Broadcasting Corporation(CPBC).

Part two of the concert starts with Elga's strong and grand work, Pomp and Circumstance Military Marches, Op. 39 which is also known as ‘Land of Hope And Glory In D Major’. On the next stage ‘Song of Hometown’ and ‘Barley Field’ are sung by soprano Seonghee Myeong who is actively appearing on various performances and TV program and baritone Chungseong Kim with the aspiration for peace in Korean peninsula.

The last stage of part two wraps up the grand finale with Beethoven symphony no 9 4th by the chorus of the global top soprano Seonyoung Seo, mezzo soprano Jaeeun Back, tenor Jimin Park, Base Seunghyun Jeon, the National Chorus, Grande Opera Chorus and KBS Philharmonic. It is expected to be able to open the new year meditating the message of hope, harmony and love for all mankind the master Beethoven tried to deliver through this music. This concert is scheduled to air across the country on KBS 1TV on Jan. 20th from 5:40pm for 80mins. 


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