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Heart-to-Heart Orchestra of the members having developmental disabilities stand on the stage at Carn

Date : 2018-09-17 Hit : 1,060




The Korean orchestra consisted of the members having developmental disabilities is to perform in the US.

Heart-to-Heart Foundation said on the 14th that Heart-to-Heart Orchestra is scheduled to have New York and Washington tour from the 20th(local time) for seven days.

They will also perform at Isaac Stern Auditorium for 2018 Global Choir Concert invited by New York CBSN , the main hall of Carnegie Hall.

Their next exclusive performance will be held at John F Kennedy Center. The orchestra was invited to ‘Korea Culture Week’ by Korean Cultural Center as the first team of the members having developmental disabilities.

Before this event, they will co-perform with New York Phil Harmonic at New York Harmony Academy.

Heart-to-Heart Orchestra is a performing team of the member having developmental disabilities founded in 2006, having been doing performances about over 700 times since then.

The foundation explained that the orchestra is spreading positive awareness towards the disabled by developing the members’ musical talents and provides monthly payment and guarantee for their performing activities and performance so that they can live proudly as social member.

The chief executive of the foundation Jicheol Oh said, “I found this very meaningful that we can promote the superior culture and arts of Korea for the disabled to the US”, and said, “I hope that they continue playing music actively across the world and making the world a place where people can live together.” 



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