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[Vancouver Joongang Daily News] Beautiful music feat containing angels' mind

Date : 2017-09-25 Hit : 1,343

Heart-to-Heart concert, the hopeful light for the disabled families in Canada

All the members appeared brightly in the four times of performance during 3 days




The performance in Canada by Heart-to-Heart Orchestra consisted of the Korean youth having developmental disabilities provided a beautiful and meaningful time of hope and impression to everyone who saw.


Heart-to-Heart Orchestra that visited Vancouver from Apr. 14th to 18th by the invitation of Ko-Ca Foundation for Cultural Exchange Association(head director Kyungran Lee) also performed at Norman Rothstein Theatre(NRT) and Anvil Centre Theatre on 15th and 16th invited by the association for the people having developmental disability and Community Living BC and for the Korean society in Canada respectively.


Heart-to-Heart Orchestra founded by Heart-to-Heart Foundation in 2006 consisting of the youth having developmental disabilities is doing activities for awareness improvement towards the disabled through over 500 times of performances in and out of Korea, and brings moving sounds to the people in the world as a role model of underprivileged class in society.


The Vancouver performance by the orchestra was also an event to give huge hope to the people having developmental disabilities in Canada. The performance at Norman Rothstein Theatre 10:30 AM on Apr. 15th was with Allena Hendren, the general director of the Developmental Disability Association, Linne Davis, the vice president of Community Living BC(CLBC), other officials from the representative institutions for developmental disabilities in the region and the people having developmental disabilities and their families. All of 318 seats were taken thanks to the participation of many people. 


Heart-to-Heart Foundation expressed appreciation before the performance by giving appreciation plague and heart bear to the officials from DDA and CLBC which organized the concert, and these associations also delivered gifts to the orchestra members.


As proceeding to the full scale stage, they sent the message of hope that despite of developmental disabilities the youth can have outperforming skill than their normal counterparts breaking the prejudice against them. All the audiences gave standing ovation to them and called for an encore. The members' families acclaimed with tears and impression for their possibility presented on the stage.


As the stage was reported on CTV news report 6pm on the same day, people recognized and talked to them with unhesitating praise the next day.


The members conducted another performance more lively amid exhaustion from the long hours of travel and the first stage at 8pm in the afternoon at Grace Church for the local people. Especially the chorus consisted of the members' mothers sang hymns for the first time on the oversea performance making the time to share the pleasure of having children with genius talent in music in spite of developmental disabilities who send dream and love to everyone.


They performed at Anvil Centre Theatre located in New West Minster 7pm on Apr. 16 for the Korean local community. The concert was with Seowon Lee, the president of the Korean community, Yoosoon Oh, the head director of Vancouver Korean Scholarship Foundation, Kayoung Park, the educational committee member of TriCity, Taeyeong Kwak, the deputy consul-general in Canada, Kibong Jeong, the president of the National Unification Advisory Council Vancouver Chapter, Sangjin Lee, the president of the veterans' association.


Heart-to-Heart Foundation sent appreciation plague and heart bear to the consul-general who sponsored the concert before the start.


On the stage they also brought deep impression to the all audiences through the unbelievably perfect stage despite of their developmental disabilities.


In advance of the performance, Minwoo Jang, the president of Korean community in Vancouver delivered the praise for the strength of Koreans which makes the youth having developmental disabilities exert their possibility 100% and notified of the attention from the major society to the Korean local community in Canada by reading the congratulatory message from Peter Julian, New Westminster-Burnaby member of parliament.


Youngjoo Kim, the head director of Heart-to-Heart Foundation, mentioned about the efforts and achievement made by the orchestra members and their families for the perfect performance and asked for help for the youth having developmental disabilities to live without any discrimination through more attention to them.


Comedian Seongmi Lee who hosted all the performances in Vancouver expressed her pleasure to participate in the stage where every members does their best.


Heart-to-Heart Orchestra departed for Korea in the morning on 18th after having completed the four days schedule by doing the performance at Hebron Church on 17th and traveled to the near region.


For this tour concert, Minwoo Jang, the president of Korean community in Vancouver accompanied the orchestra from the airport from the arrival on 14th to the departure on 18th, helping them by interpreting and guiding them.












☞ Joongang Daily Vancouver, Youngtae Phyo 




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